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About Me

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Write about me? Oh God! Let’s see...I am a highly intuitive, authentic, friendly, expressive and a passionate spiritual being having a human experience : ) My journey took me through plenty of adversities, However, it taught me faith, grit, and to trust that things are always working out for me; it has brought me to this precise moment. As a child I thought I lost my voice and unbeknownst to me thinking I was silenced,  I honed in on other skills (gifts, by the way, we are all born with them) that carried me through life without me even noticing. Over time, I recognized and developed, what I like to call “The Clairs”: claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairsentient gifts.


Inspired by the birth and presence of my daughter Hallie, I used my voice to speak for others. I took on the role of a “bad-ass” strong single mom; making a catastrophic mistake, I shut-down my own voice, learned to suppress my emotions and wore a “mask” labeling myself as “a strong and over-achiever woman”. 

However, I simultaneously learned through a LOT of failed lessons, self-actualization and intent to shift my perception. See, I used to see the world through victimhood (taught since childhood by my environment), then through survivorship and eventually through the eyes of a creator.


As a workaholic and overachiever I never prioritized my health, I took my body for granted. Suddenly, I spent the 4th of July in a cardiac arrest unit and eventually was diagnosed with a heart condition, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, my blood pressure was 210/101 and I knew I had to stop. Simultaneously I lost dear friends to cancer, I began to dig deep and learn all about nutrition and soon I was also mystified about the body and mind connection.


I have healed, and reversed all of my ailments and  I want to contribute in my own small way to bring relief to people in general but I have a special place for cancer patients. 

In loving memory of my dear friends Marina and Mary, I obtained another accreditation as an Oncology Reiki Practitioner from a Reiki master who had a medical background and a long history with cancer herself, Kerri Draper also teaches techniques to nurses at Hoag Hospital and Optimal Hospice in California.


2011 was the year I surrendered to the spirit world and began the healing journey for myself and humanity. My journey to heal with intuitive energy sessions began in 2011. It was then that I discovered I am a clear conduit of intuitive healing energy and over the next few years I worked to develop this ability. 


I did this, alongside the loving teachings and guidance of my earth angel and mentor Nancy. She is one of the 50 spiritual masters chosen in the west by then the only living Buddha Dechen Juaren, who we lovingly call Master Yu. Living Buddha Dechan Jueren was the 49th MahaVairocana Dharma King of the Hanmi Lineage in China. His mission was to spread the teachings of the Hanmi lineage throughout the modern world. He brought the Hanmi lineage teachings to the west and, for the first time, made them accessible to the public when founding a temple in California. 


I was one of approximately 30 students in the west to have learned from this lineage and went through intensive learning, discipline and service. I was anointed into the lineage to be of service to humanity in May 2012. Since then I have continued to assist in many healing sessions, mainly to help lessen cancer symptoms among many other illnesses and/or needs. 

Today, all I know that being of service is my calling, it will be my honor to assist you in your journey.

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