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Renowned Psychic Medium Arlene Rivera Now Offers Messages from Beyond -Wedding Edition! 

Are you getting married anytime soon? Have you ever wondered if your deceased mom or dad would approve? Would they even be with you in spirit during that special moment? Do you wish you could ask them all this? Do you feel them around you at times but not sure they can hear you? As we prepare for that special day, instinctively, we want the wisdom and guidance from the ascended. Since love never dies, utilize the energetic pathway for communication across boundaries.

Spiritual medium and intuitive coach Arlene Rivera is now offering Pre-Wedding Messages From Beyond - Wedding Edition, virtual or in-person mediumship sessions to soon-to-be wedded couples.


Through Messages From Beyond - Wedding Edition, couples can communicate with their transitioned loved ones and get answers to their long-awaited questions before saying I Do.


With beautiful chapels, hotels, and spas, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the place to be for a romantic, memorable wedding.

But, as you plan wedding venues, don't forget to book your medium, too. She could be your wedding officiant too! Channeling in real time as you say I do.


A session with Arlene will bring so much more meaning to your wedding day.


Arlene is based in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, but she attends ceremonies worldwide. So whether you're in another state or another country, she can fly to you or meet you virtually! Arlene will be the bridge to ask, get insight, and get the blessings that you are seeking on this special day..

Arlene Rivera is a uniquely gifted individual dedicated to using her psychic abilities to be a conduit for divine communication and guidance. She believes that a happy, lifelong marriage starts with an extra meaningful experience involving loved ones who are no longer with us.


Aside from being a psychic medium, Arlene is a TV host, speaker and writer. She is an advocate of
all things health and wellness. Reach out to her today for in-person or virtual pre-wedding blessings
and mediumship sessions in Las Vegas in beyond.

medium wedding officiant get your pre wedding messages from beyond before you say i do. Wondering what your parents say about your wedding? Arlene is a medium and wedding officiant

Renowned Psychic Medium and Coach Arlene Rivera Now Offers Messages from Beyond - Wedding Edition!

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