I had the opportunity to talk to Arlene and I am extremely grateful for the very enlightening conversation we had. It was very resonating and to be able to get more perspectives on life is definitely a privilege! Looking forward to experience what life has in store for me.

Carlo C.
Las Vegas
May 2022


Yelp Review

I cannot even begin to express how happy and grateful I am for my mediumship session with Arlene. She was very kind and friendly, she took the time to explain things to me and I can tell she genuinely enjoys what she does. I'm so grateful for her getting the messages from my best friend who passed away a few ago to me. She also took time to tell me things about myself that she felt which she did not have to do, I appreciated that very much. The process to book an appointment was also very easy and I was able to get my appointment the same day I booked 10 out of 10 recommend!

Dezirae N.
Las Vegas, NV
May 2022


Yelp Review

I had a wonderful session with Arlene today. I wanted a medium reading but felt unsure whether she would seem relevant or accurate. She was very relevant and was able to connect with two of my departed loved ones with very sweet messages. I would highly recommend. Prices are reasonable so what do you have to lose? Thank you Arlene for creating a safe place and sharing such sweet messages with me tonight. I'll be back soon!

Melody C.
Henderson, NV
April 2022


Yelp Review

I had my reading with Arlene! Wow, wow, wow! She was right on! I highly recommend her. Her energy is light and she's very knowledgeable.

Tay L
Glendale, GA
March 2022


Yelp Review

I had a very insightful reading with Arlene my very first mediumship reading, it was more than I expected tears were running down my face 2 minutes after walking in the room my loved ones came thru and everything resonated with me she nailed all the details about them and the messages they had for me. my heart was full walking out of my session. Thank you Arlene for the messages and the inspiration to write again!

Ms. R


Yelp Review

I came to Arlene, and upon walking in it felt very warm and welcoming. I honestly didn't know what to expect but Arlene was spot on with all the things she said. It gave so much clarity to know in what direction I need to go, and for this reason I have a clear understanding of what my purpose in life is. I'm very glad that I made the decision to listen to my intuition, which is why I was led to Spirit And Spark, and Dallisa guiding me to Arlene. Thank you ladies for the great work you do. I will definitely come back.

Dixie G.
Moreno Valley, CA
February 2022


Yelp Review

Words cannot describe how powerful and moving the experience with Arlene is, everyone would benefit from a session with her. After my first session, I purchased the Clarity During Grief package. 5 weeks of empowering messages. When it got tough her guidance, channeling and loving support  made the difference to get through the loss of my mother. I can have a clear mind to continue to live and deal with everyday situations with family and career without feeling guilty. Arlene’s teachings not only have changed my life, my wife is benefiting from my transformation AND she has helped my sister and two entire families deal with the loss of our moms. Her mindset and power to help me shift my perspective is so powerful.

Arlene is worth every dollar.

Jr. Mendoza

I LOVED Arlene’s workshop: Connecting with Your Own Spirit Squad!

It was rich in content, scientifically based, and eliminated the supernatural too far out to believe stigma from the conversation.

Arlene offered practical tips and methods for enhancing our ability to connect with our spiritual squad and provided ways to increase our overall perception and interaction methods. At the end of the Master Class, I found myself wanting to learn more. Attendance was a significant first step in creating a connection with one's Spirit Squad.  In the end, my heart sang with information that I needed to be reminded of and reinforce a valuable relationship necessary for consciously navigating life. 


Arlene Rivera is one of the most brilliant, beautiful, and profound women I know. She is a rare leader who inspires excellence, elegance, and even genius to blossom and thrive. It is rare to meet someone with spiritual depth, business savvy, and prophetic intuition--and Arlene Rivera is that someone. I learn from Arlene, respect her, and admire her. She has catalyzed my vision to help humanity with the gift of true altruism!

Jim Nico

Hey Arlene! I wanted to reach out to thank you, I physically witnessed something come true that you told me. Thank you.

Text for Kayla G
Henderson, NV
May 2022

Investing in myself and completing The H.E.A.L Intuitive Blueprint journey these past few weeks has been life changing. I went into this experience with an open heart and open mind. I was in desperate need of healing, self love/realization and guidance. This experience has allowed me to have a rebirth! I uncovered myself layer by layer, week by week, and each week I moved one step closer to meeting my true authentic self. Connecting with my higher self, my intuition, and spirit guides have been a beautiful blessing to receive. The level of healing I’ve experienced has allowed me to cope/manage my grief. I’ve learned to love myself and become grounded with Mother Nature. I trust/follow my intuition and take the time out of each day to meditate and connect with my late mommy, spirit guides, intuition and universe. 


I can’t say enough great things about Arlene’s beautiful gift. She’s a lifesaver and an Angel in this universe. For those open to the journey this experience will bring a beautiful outlook on life and shift the energy that you exude to the universe. 

Much Love, Raquel 

My session with Arlene was a huge breakthrough for me! After meeting with Arlene, I am able to see my loss more clearly and know that my sister is with me at all times. Not only was Arlene able to help me emotionally but also she was able to communicate things with me that there was no way she would have known lol! All the way from a piece of furniture in my childhood home to describing a notebook and a necklace that my dad ended up giving me AFTER our session. There are no words to truly describe how deeply eye opening our session was. Arlene is a talented woman and a blessing, I definitely recommend her work! 


My mom passed away in March, leaving us all with an empty heart and so many questions. When I found out about Arlene, I scheduled an appointment with her and was able to communicate with mom. At first, I was skeptical, since I’ve never done this before, I wasn’t much of a believer. However, after Arlene brought up so many things only mom knew, I was in complete shock. After the session I was able to gain more peace and have more closure knowing mom is ok and she’s with all her loved ones. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.


I have always been a believer, having my own experience was seriously life changing. I needed to communicate so badly with my mom who recently transitioned . Arlene gave me soooo many details and beautiful messages that only made sense to me.

Laura M.

I reached out to Arlene to help me make a tough work decision. She not only provided guidance & support, but she was sweet, very attentive & helped me understand why my spirit guides had helped manifest these two options for my growth. She put me at ease almost immediately & I really appreciated her insight. My questions came with pretty clear answers & I felt sure of my decision after speaking with her. I’m grateful for her help on this one!! She’s amazing!

J. O.

I have used Arlene's guidance for several decisions since 2018. One time, I was on the fence and really needed some help. I had an asset that was under performing and I was on the verge of getting rid of it. I asked Arlene's guidance and she told me to stick it out. I am glad I listened because about 6 months later there was a very positive event with the asset and I made a very handsome return. There have been other smaller decisions that she has helped guide me on as well. Arlene is a wonderful listener and listens to your concerns intently to help you guide yourself, it's like having coffee with a friend you can talk to! She is so connected to the universe when we have sessions, she does it in a very relaxed way before you know it is time to go! I am proud to call her my spiritual guide.

Misty D.

A truly gifted individual, Arlene and I met in 2018 and it was at this time that she began to help guide me on my journey. When we first met, I was just a few years into my recovery and as life became clearer for me, I had issues that needed resolve. I had lost my parents and was saddened knowing that they had never seen this version of me. Arlene was able to connect with them, and their subsequent messaging, proved that they were with me all along the way. It is unbelievably comforting when she communicates a loving saying or visual memory that only my parents and I would have known about. This became very important to me as I, with her encouragement, began the journey to find my biological parents. This unanswered question, 42 years in the making, had caused me angst my entire life. With her comforting approach and ability to connect, she was able to “let me know” that this journey would have a happy ending. She was correct, the story did in fact have a happy ending and one that offered much more than I would have ever imagined. With all this “newness” however comes more trepidation but I found it easy to trust her ability as she helped me navigate these new relationships. The most telling moment happened just recently when I was going to spend my first Father’s Day 2020 with my biological father, The morning he was to arrive, Arlene was able to communicate a message from my parents that they were so happy for me, so excited for what was ready to happen and that they loved me. This allowed me to enjoy this newly created memory, knowing that my parents were on my journey with me. Without Arlene, I more than likely wouldn’t have had the courage to do what I did and because of her I consider myself a very lucky person.

Thank you, Arlene Inspires! 

Tom F.