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Single sessions


1 Person - 60 Minutes = $222.00 Book:

1 Person - 30 Minutes =   $111.00 Book:


1 Person Sessions

5-30 minute sessions for 555.00 pay for the bundle & schedule your first session::
5- 60 minute sessions for $999.00 pay for the bundle & schedule your first session:

(Can be used daily, weekly or monthly - all sessions expire at 6 months from date of purchase.

Achieve the clarity you deserve! With these bundles you have Arlene in your pocket! with prioritized access to her! One does not have to go through life blindly or feeling all alone. 

We all hit junctures in our lives in which the answers we seek require a broader lens.

Connect with Arlene’s ability to bridge between realms and access wisdom from different dimensions, your departed loved ones, ancestors, ascended masters. angels, archangels and of course Arlene’s and your spirit squad : )

To get answers while replacing self-doubt, concerns around change, difficulty and uncertainty with a fresh perspective, inspired actions, and a pathway for new beginnings. 

Schedule and pay for your appointment using the links above.

Blessings From Beyond - wedding edition



So you found THE one and are now ready to say I Do!

Have you ever wondered if your deceased mom or dad (or other loved one)  would approve? Have you wondered if they will be with you in spirit during that special moment? Do you feel them around you at times but you are not sure they can hear you?

Do you wish you could ask him or her all this?

Well, Arlene can help you facilitate that!!

Her pre-wedding blessings from beyond mediumship sessions in-person or virtual are simply EPIC!

You and your loved one will be able to communicate with your transitioned beloved during such a special time in your life and get answers to your long awaited questions.

This session with Arlene will bring so much more meaning, peace and closure to your wedding day!

$333 In-Person 60 minute channeling session for the beautiful couple

$555 In-Person 60 minute channeling session and beautiful keepsake channeled letter

$777All  of the above plus officiating your wedding in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area

$2,222.22 Destination wedding package:

Arlene as the officiant, channeling beautiful wedding words from your own spirit squad!

1- 60 minute mediumship session for the couple

1 -60 minute intuitive coaching session focusing on love and the couple's path to married life. 

*** airfare and accomodations not included***


In Person sessions are available in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas. Virtual Sessions are also available.

If you would like Arlene to travel to your wedding, inquire within

Fun Group Sessions



Are you curious about the spirit world and what you would say to your deceased loved ones if you could communicate? Does that excite you but not sure you want to do it alone?

Then it's time to call your best friends or relatives and have a fambam group session! We can all partake on a fun filled session full of surprises, healing, closure and relief.. 

GROUP SESSIONS PRICING (111.00 per person):
60 Minutes up to 5 people minimum 3 = $555.00
90 Minutes up to 9 people = $999.00

If you would like Arlene to travel to your event or have in mind a larger group please, inquire within

Clarity during grief program


Losing a loved one, whether expected or unexpected, can be a shock to your nervous system and soul. 

I, with the help of my spirit guides, created this unique VIP 5 week program for those who have gone through the loss of a loved one and have had a hard time moving forward. Healing from grief is not linear and can be very difficult to overcome, it is unique to each one of us. I will lovingly hold your hand while communicating with your loved one to bring clarity and relief to you. Whether online or in-person you will feel the energy begin to move to release the stuck energy from your chakras to help you move through the scale of emotions.

This five week VIP experience of energy healing  and communication to the spirit world is the perfect combination that  will help you work through your grieving process so that at the end of the five weeks you feel more acceptance, clarity, hope, inner-peace, calmness and a sense of relief.  

The following will be used to help determine our alignment with one another, let’s explore and connect for a complimentary uncovering call:

Connecting with my own spirit squad


My spirit squad and I created our super cool VIP/SPA like experience for those times when we simply need to chill the f*ck out and allow spirit to guide us. Yes you heard me right! My spirit squad and I are relatable! We offer intuitive coaching.

This package is for those who believe in psychics or mediums and go to them instead of traditional therapy sessions or sharing with close friends/family. 

Why do I offer this? Simply put, I know what it’s like to go through uncertainty and not know what to do or who to trust. I went through life only trusting my bureau of intelligence - and by that, I don’t mean the FBI! Now I trust infinite intelligence from source energy, God force.

Like you I often sought out psychics and very rarely shared with others. I even  created my own psychic committee with whom I bounced ideas and outcomes with them all day long, because I knew I was gifted and more often than not I just needed confirmation. 

Today I want to pay it forward and share my journey. I do believe in traditional therapy, I think it is great for the mind and does co-exist with the spiritual realm - but you have to be ready for that :)

Until this happens, you can do your own “gut check” with me! This package is designed for quick answers during stressful times or if you simply want to have consistent access to my private sessions. 

If you have read this far, you may be ready to work on your long term self-actualization. I invite you to check out this amazing package and payment options (simply click on: “read more about this package”, below). 

Once you have made the decision which package level makes the most sense for your needs, I ask that you schedule a 15 minute call with me to purchase your package and go over quick Q&As. Then we will set forth and you will begin to understand why my sessions are so unique, real, classy and sassy! If you and I are in alignment, it will happen. : )

The H.E.A.L. Intuitive Blueprint



Have you been going through life being super strong, not dealing with or showing your feelings to anyone? I know this can be exhausting, I used to wear that same mask very well, until I realized that vulnerable and powerful can co-exist. I eventually gave myself permission to listen to my inner-voice and embraced all my intuitive gifts. I began the work of my self-actualization, and oh man did I dig deep! 

All worth it, I now have a renewed mindset and know what my mission and purpose is. 

I was guided to create this blueprint with a very unique approach.

The H.E.A.L. Intuitive Blueprint, is a unique and exclusive VIP experience that will help restore your soul, mind and body while tuning into your own psychic abilities. 

This unique spiritual approach will help you identify patterns, behaviors and programming that no longer serve you.

You will be empowered to hone in your own set of gifts, inspiring you to believe and understand that  things have a tendency to work out in all areas of your life. You will be moved to see life with a renewed mindset, knowing you are whole and immensely empowered so that you move forward through life playing big regardless of what anyone else is doing. At the end of this course you will understand you are a creator and EVERYTHING begins within you, our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world, therefore you can change that.

Arlene has created a safe place for you, an invitation to take your life and intuition to an even higher level awaits. Be fully committed to your healing and the alignment with Arlene will occur. 

Sit with this information, do your process (i,e meditation etc) and if  it feels right and you are fully in, just say yes!

  if we are in alignment to work together through your healing journey, let’s connect and set-up a complimentary unearthing call;

Speaking Engagements and Workshops


My experience in television and government brought me to speak in front of audiences time and time again. These opportunities developed my fervor for speaking to audiences to help inspire self-actualization and uplift those who come to see me.  My role as the state Ombudsman for human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual abuse gave me the tools and the training to be able to speak about those 3 areas that can be difficult to deliver. Most importantly being a child survivor of sexual abuse by a relative, makes my delivery authentic.

I am an expert speaker on the following topics:


  • Mindset

  • Inner-Voice Calling

  • Embracing vulnerability. Being powerful and vulnerable can co-exist. 

  • I am told I am an Empath but what does that really mean?

  • Re-writing the money story you tell yourself, outside of the typical belief system

  • Understanding universal laws

  • Shame

  • Sexual assault, human trafficking and domestic violence healing; and more.

Check out my Speaker’s Reel Here

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me:

Consultant for legislative causes


As a child survivor of sexual assault in a domestic violence household, I am committed to use my legislative, media and government knowledge to support sexual assault, human trafficking and domestic violence causes.  Think of me as the Latin version of Erin Brockovich  ;)


 I also want to use my abilities and skills to aid in finding missing people.


I am a uniquely talented and gifted individual who left  the private sector, broadcasting, politics, and government to help make an even bigger impact on humanity. My journey has propelled me to this exact moment.


If you have a cause which may align with me, let’s put the spotlight on it! please write to me directly at:

Corporate wellness programs


For many of us, our lives and identities are made up of the work we do. If 2020 taught us anything, we learned that a healthy wellbeing can make for a more productive outlook on life and therefore a more productive output in the workplace. 

I created this unique Wellness Program with this in mind and it is centered on helping individuals, teams and leadership stay focused on what truly matters, how one feels about themselves.. With an emphasis on the individual, it will lead to enhancing the morale and culture of your organization. By working on the individual first, the team then operates within an environment of collaboration, unity and productivity. What makes this program distinct is my approach to executive coaching, using energy healing, mediumship and intuition. It will leave your employees wanting more.

If this is in alignment to what you are looking to accomplish, please book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call with me:

Intuitive Energy healing  for Cancer Patients and Survivors



The benefits of energy healing  improve your overall quality of life. Most patients experience relief from severe chemotherapy symptoms for up to two days after a single treatment. However I created a very unique 5 session package in which I not only use energy healing, my spirit guides join me to heal you and communicate loving uplifting information. There are also many benefits for breast cancer that the Susan G Komen foundation openly endorses it on their website:

Additionally, Energy healing can relieve pain, anxiety and even help lessen depression but it is up to the client to allow an open heart and mind for the healing to occur. Energy healing is meant to offer relaxation and a sense of wellbeing to balance out all of the terrible days cancer treatment carries. It is not meant to substitute any treatment or cure. This works best as a complement to your medical treatment so that the patient can tolerate those heavy days of chemo.


To learn more about my experience with energy healing, please check out my “about me” tab. As it pertains to cancer, In 2020 I received another accreditation as an Oncology Reiki Practitioner from a Reiki master who had a medical background and a long history with cancer herself, Kerri Draper. Kerri is also the reiki teacher for Hoag Hospital and Optimal Hospice in California.


During my sessions I use different combinations of dharmas, mudras, visualization and energy transfers (similar to reiki). If I am working with oncology patients I use my combined experience to create the most relaxing and optimal experience for you, the client.


To find out if we are in alignment with each other to assist with your healing journey:

Please  schedule a 15 minute complimentary discovery  call with me:

Energy Healing Disclaimer: 

According to Nevada AB 179 Reiki and any other type of energy healer is not required to be certified, licensed or registered as a health care provider:

However, it is recommended that before beginning any wellness plan, you notify your primary care physician or other licensed 11 providers of health care of your intention to use wellness 12 services, the nature of the wellness services to be provided 13 and any wellness plan that may be utilized. It is also 14 recommended that you ask your primary care physician or 15 other licensed providers of health care about any potential 16 drug interactions, side effects, risks or conflicts between any 17 medications or treatments prescribed by your primary care 18 physician or other licensed providers of health care and the 19 wellness services you intend to receive. 


Disclaimer for Intuitive Sessions:


  1. The client understands that Arlene is NOT a licensed Therapist or  medical professional of any kind. 

  2. Arlene is not responsible for any interpretation/assumption made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned.

  3. Any information that Arlene suggests are not guarantees of any kind. It is Arlene’s belief that we have free will and we can change outcomes because we create our reality with thoughts- so she makes herself available as a conduit of guidance. If this resonates with you then you are in alignment with our services.

  4. Arlene does not assist and/or prescribe rituals (bath, spells, etc) of any kind or will ask you to join a specific spiritual or religious practice. 

  5. Scheduling an appointment means that you understand, are okay with and will adhere to all of this information.

  6. Sessions are intended for entertainment purposes.

Speaking Reel
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