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#1 Psychic Medium and Wedding Officiant with 5 stars Top Rated Testimonials to book

Deal with the waves of loss that keep coming

Channeling & intuitive guidance to find clarity and peace while dealing with grief

You Wonder if It Will Ever Get Better

Common Issues of those who have had a loved one passed away:


Feels like someone has turned the dial down in your life & nothing means that much anymore?


Want to scream & cry how lucky they are when others are with their loved ones and yours is gone?


Can’t stop being sensitive about your loss and it’s weakening your social ties and relationships?

#1 Psychic Medium and Wedding Officiant with 5 stars Top Rated Testimonials to book
I get it, I’ve been there..

The losses I’ve experienced, and continue to, hit me hard. It’s like the grief is there 24/7 and you remember them every day…even after it’s been awhile. The waves hit harder on some days and it felt like my grief kept totally derailing me. I was caught between trying to plan for the waves so I could ride them out more smoothly and feeling like a zombie going through the motions, wondering if it ever gets better.  

Two major deaths in 2016 led to…a deep understanding that we are all connected. Death is not the end, it’s just a continuation in a different form. And even if we understand this, it’s still hard for us humans to understand why this happens, it’s still sad and still gets ahold of us. But it shapes us in beautiful ways as well. see 45 minutes in vulnerability, care for each other and forgiveness can help us become stronger from this experience. 

But it can feel better when you get to hear from your loved one directly. All the questions we have, all the confusion and the anger at them leaving, can be reduced with the right channeling and intuitive guidance. It didn’t happen overnight, but when I got the right guidance, followed the right steps, and saw the truth about death and dying, everything changed. It’s now my honor and privilege to help others who want closure and peace around some of the worst moments of our lives.

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Grief Mediumship & Intuitive Coaching can make all the difference

When you work with me, I’ll personally guide you along the path to moving through your grief. We’ll connect with your loved one and your guides to move you from despair to understanding. We’ll move you from just surviving to accepting that this process it’s part of life and there’s still so much to live for. I will share all about soul contracts! To book a session for one of the few spots I have remaining, click the button below

Do you often wonder if they are still suffering?

Do you lose sleep thinking your loved one left mad at you?

Let go of the guilt or wondering if you should have known

Reconnect with yourself for deeper relationships with family & friends

Wake up every day knowing you don't have to do this alone.

Ready to Stop Feeling So Empty?


Get Reconnected

Together we’ll work with your loved one and your guides to bring you closure 

Experience Peace

Feel the peace that comes from reconnecting with your loved one’s energy

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Are you still skeptical the spirit world exists?

my 2021 interview with a scientist who explains not only that the spirit world exists, he has done extensive research on our spirit guides, may give you some answers below:
MIT Profesor Pete A. Sanders Jr. 

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